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Some are informal gatherings of “authoritative figures”; others are formal setups attached to mosques.

For my friend’s friend, the pursuit of the divorce was soul-destroying. He threw a spanner in the works by disputing the custody of the children, then claimed that perhaps they would be better off with their mother, but refused to commit to maintenance if he couldn’t have them full-time.

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If she does not have any grounds for a divorce, she has to waive her “Mehr” – a compulsory financial gift by her husband. He was the type of man who insisted on paying for all her friends at the table if they were single or unaccompanied by a husband.

I remember my friend’s friend at social events 10 years ago when she was dating her husband-to-be. We all thought he was a gentleman and she revelled in the knowledge that he was all hers.

Her faith taught her that she was an equal human being who was worthy of respect.

He took her rejection of him in his stride and remarried after the separation. He was clever enough not to want a paper trail following him under the country’s laws.

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