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Learning new skills, gaining new experiences, and enriching yourself as a person are all impressive assets to have on a resume, Although going to a New York City school gives me the opportunity to see so much culture, studying abroad will open my eyes even more.I will have free range to travel from country to country as opposed to borough to borough.But chat rooms are also one of the only places where viewers can discuss what they are seeing in real time with a group of people who are all seeing the same thing.Communities form around chat rooms, and they sometimes develop their own unique culture and norms of behavior.I have been researching and designing a platform called Deep Stream that allows people to curate live streaming videos by adding contextual information such as blog posts, news stories, related videos and Twitter feeds.

But with that said, studying abroad can be so rewarding.

Will it help or hinder the formation of communities around some of the curated streams?

Is there a way to implement chat so that it will tend to be more civil and less toxic?

A lot of employers love hearing about your travels abroad during interviews.

Especially for those of us who are interested in business and fashion- we get to see the world through a different viewpoint.

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