Intimidating sports figures

However, these moments pale in comparison to the pressures that come with success.In response, countless competitors have turned to performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDs, to obtain a competitive edge.These substances increase physical attributes but present numerous health risks.

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Rarely a day passes without news of a player entering rehab, failing a drug test, partying lavishly or overdosing on a substance. Many athletes are highly paid and can easily access drugs through their social circles.

(Photo via All About Tennis) Even from the nosebleed section during a snowstorm, you can always tell where Troy Polamalu is on the field. In addition to his ferociously aggressive playing style, "The Tasmanian Devil" has a prodigious mane of black hair spilling out of the back of his helmet and covering the name on his jersey.

athletes ever to grace a basketball court, "The Worm" was famous for his rabid rebounding, crazy on-court antics and outrageous body art. Rodman always had something shocking to show off, so your options are extensive.

He (Photo via Webpronews) Speaking of brands, that of the seven-time Tour de France winner has been forever tarnished by the doping scandal.

Nevertheless, lives on, and the color yellow is still emblematic of the Armstrong brand.

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